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Pitch Fee Notification and Payment Options

We hope this post will answer some of your questions on the recent pitch fees notification you will have received & taking advantage of the VAT reduction.

Dear Owners,

We have given you an extra payment option this year to allow you to take advantage of the reduction in in VAT. So, to explain;

Payment Option 1:

Payment option one allows you to pay your pitch fees in two halves. Importantly, taking this option will mean that your balance pitch fee invoice will be raised after the date where we can take advantage of the 5% VAT rate on pitch fees.

This means the usual deposit invoice is payable by 31st October and balance invoice payable by 1st March, the deposit will be at the reduced rate of VAT but the balance will be back to 20%. This is the most expensive option.

Payment Option 2:

Option 2 is to pay your Pitch Fees in full. Through this choice, not only do you benefit from the 5% VAT rate, but you also receive a 2.5% discount on the months that are paid in advance.

This payment must be made by the 31/10/2020 to qualify for the discount on the additional months paid for in advance. This is the most economical option.

Payment Option 3:

This option is to give owners an opportunity to pay in two halves, importantly however, the second payment must be made before the 12/01/2021.

Here the option gives you the Deposit invoice value which has the 5% VAT rate applied, and then details how the second half payment is charged at 5% as well, provided the payment is made prior to the 12/01/2021.

This is the mid-cost option.

*The exception to this is the owners at Wilksworth who are on the original licences, where all pitch fees are payable by 31st October.

Please note that for all payment options, the credit you may have received for the lockdown period will not appear on the notification, this has been applied to your account for those that qualified.

If you have any further questions or queries in regards to site fees, please do not hesitate to contact our Accounts Team via or 01590 648351.

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