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Managing your Holiday Home Finances couldn't be easier.

Your Holiday Home Insurance

Your Holiday Home Insurance

Important information regarding your insurance scheme renewal.

Please be aware that there will be changes to the insurance scheme we operate, the renewals, of which fall on the 30th June 2019.

Having given much thought to the ever increasing and stringent controls under the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in relation to the selling of insurance we have decided to no longer act as the Appointed Representative for the Compass Scheme who will, with effect from the 30th June 2019, deal directly with your renewal.

This is normal practice for many parks in our industry, you will be able to go direct to the insurance provider and will be offered more competitive pricing as a result.

The Compass Scheme has recently transferred into the ownership of Binnacle Insurance Services, and we have full confidence in Compass as they have been providing specialist cover to the holiday caravan and parks industry for over 35 years and who are the only insurance providers recommended by the British Holiday Homes & Parks Association (BH&HPA).

You will receive your renewal invitation directly from Compass shortly and full details of how to renew and pay will be explained within their renewal invitation documents.

In conclusion; as we will not be dealing directly with your renewals we remind you that under the basic terms and conditions of owning a holiday home on our holiday parks we require proof of insurance and request that once finalised you provide a copy of your insurance certificate to reception where it will be placed on file.

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  • If you require any further information regarding this, please email: accounts-receivable@shorefield.co.uk

Information regarding your insurance renewal

Ways to Pay Annual Pitch Fees

Ways to Pay Annual Pitch Fees

In Full - A discount is applicable if full payment is received by 31st October that year.

2 Instalments - Pay 50% Deposit by 31st October that year and then pay the balance by 1st March the following year.

In order to spread the payments, we have now teamed up with a company called Premium Credit who are widely used throughout the leisure industry and more specifically by many other holiday parks across the UK.

Unfortunately, we will no longer be able to offer the payment of holiday home insurance premiums in instalments.

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  • Using Premium Credit Ltd we will be able to offer you the following:
  • Pitch fees, maintenance scheme and rates payments may be spread over:
  • 6 months at a cost of 5.25%
  • 12 months at a cost of 8.25%.
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Ways to pay

When to pay

When to pay

Below you will find details on when and what payment you can expect to be requested.

  • February - Site Fee Balance Invoice sent out
  • March - Balance of Pitch Fee due (if paying in 2 instalments)
  • April - Rates, Water & Waste Disposal Invoices
  • May - Gas and Electricity Invoices
  • June - Holiday Home Insurance Renewals
  • July - Site Fee Notifications sent out
  • September - Site Fee Deposit Invoice sent out
  • October - Site Fee Full Payment or Deposit due by 31st
  • November - Gas and Electricity Invoice
  • December - Letting Monies are paid to owners plus Owners Products & Services sent out
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When to pay

How to Pay


How to Pay

Direct bank payment or internet banking:


Customer Number: 03925528 | Sort code: 40-42-18

(Please give your account number or invoice number as a reference)



Credit/Debit card payment:

By Phone/At Reception

If you call our accounts team on 01590 648351 we can take a payment over the phone. Reception staff at all of our parks can take a credit or debit card payment from you if you would like to call in.



We will accept cheque payments by post made payable to Shorefield Holidays Ltd and send to the following address:

The Accounts Department. Shorefield Holidays Ltd, Shorefield Road, Milford-on-Sea Lymington, Hampshire, SO41 0LH


Direct Debit

Direct Debit

We can set up a direct debit so that you can clear your bills every month as and when they become due. You are not able to use this to pay your account or individual invoices in instalments.


Premium Credit

Premium Credit Ltd

If you require any further information regarding this service or an application form, please contact Maggie Bartholomew on 01590 648409 or Kim Boswell on 01590 648423 or email accounts-receivable@shorefield.co.uk