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How much does it cost to own a caravan or lodge? Information on the running costs when owning a static caravan or holiday home

Costs and Site Fees

Plan your finances and find out how much your dream holiday home may cost to keep

One of the most common questions we receive is "how much does it cost to keep a holiday home and what are the site fees?".

The truth is, these running costs will vary hugely depending on the park you choose, as well as the size of your perfect holiday home. To make things as clear as possible, we list the common costs you can expect with holiday home ownership.

Costs to consider

As with owning any home, there are running costs to consider with holiday home ownership. These include annual site fees, licences, local rates, gas, electricity and insurance.

How much are site fees?

How much are site fees?

Site fees depend on your park location as well as varying across each of our parks. These start from £4,125 per year and cover maintenance and security, as well as your entrance to all the park venues and facilities such as the swimming pools and entertainment.

Alongside this, site fees cover the right to site your holiday home on our park. Other things are included in your site fees too, like grass cutting and general park upkeep. You’ll find full details for your park during your VIP visit.

Our Holiday Home Ownership Team will always be on hand to help and we make every effort to ensure full transparency with regards to pricing and fees, with no hidden extras to surprise you.

All site fees displayed on our website are reflective of the normal rate of VAT (20%) being applied. Up to 31st March 2022 site fees are charged a VAT rate of 12.5%. 2021/2022 Site fees are included pro-rata in all new customer purchases. The price of the holiday home has no reflection on the VAT rate of site fees.

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  • Annual site fees vary per park, but start from £4,125*
  • Site fees also depend on the size of the holiday home you're looking to buy, as well as its location
  • Full details provided on your park during your VIP visit
  • *Based on a 12ft static caravan at Forest Edge Holiday Park
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Site fees cover ground maintenance around your holiday home and general park upkeep



With all new 12ft wide holiday homes costing under £60,000, you will receive a 15 year licence, whilst 12ft holiday homes over £60,000 are licenced for 20 Years.

If you purchase one of our company pre-owned caravans, we will issue a licence period depending on its age and condition. Typically these licences will range from 8 to 14 years.

Our luxury lodges tend to come with a 30 year licence, but again this is dependent on the size and specification of the lodge purchased.

You can upgrade your holiday home with us at any point. This is very similar to part exchanging your car and we would be more than happy to offer a part exchange value against a holiday home with us. When you do this, you will be issued a new site licence with your new holiday home, depending on its age and factors mentioned above. Want to know more? Find out about part exchanging with us today.

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  • Licence periods depend on the age and condition of your holiday home
  • Our luxury lodges typically come with a 30 year licence
  • All new 12ft wide holiday homes which cost under £60,000 have a 15 year licence
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Your holiday home makes the perfect place to escape from it all

Running Costs

Running Costs

Much like in your home, electricity and gas is all metered. This means that these costs will vary seasonally and depending on how often you make use of your holiday home.

Thankfully, all our lodges and caravans come with double glazing as standard which helps to retain the heat and keep your heating costs low!

Our Holiday Home Ownership Team are on hand to help with siting and installation of your holiday home on our park, including connecting all mains and other services.

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  • All our holiday homes are sited and connected as standard
  • Metered electricity and gas
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We're on hand to help with siting, installation and connection of your lodge or caravan

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do holiday homes come with a warranty?

Yes; when it comes to brand new holiday homes, a warranty is always included. There is some variation between manufacturers, but you can expect to receive between 1 and 5 years warranty

How do I upgrade or sell my holiday home?

At any point you can upgrade your holiday home, or sell it if you no longer wish to be an owner. We can assist you with the sale, or viewings you may have, or even offer to buy it from you.

Do you do residential lodges at your sites?

No, we don't offer residential accommodation as we are licenced as a holiday park and therefore must adhere to the conditions of our licences.

I am thinking about buying a holiday home and would like it near the sea?

Some of our parks are walking distance from the sea, some are a short drive! Please visit our ownership locations page for further details or give our ownership team a call.

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