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Our Tech Guides

Our stunning holiday cottages and houses offer the highest level of luxury available and are our very best rental properties, each featuring many personal touches and the very latest fixtures, fittings and tech, plus all include Wi-Fi so you can always remain connected during your stay. We’d like to take the opportunity to provide you with some information about the tech in your accommodation so that you have everything you need when you arrive, so that you can get straight on with your holiday and enjoy your Shorefield experience.

Lavender House Tech Guide

Welcome to Lavender House

Welcome to Lavender House. You can find a helpful user guide on the Lounge and Annexe TVs – the guide explains the tech in the house and how to get the most from it. To watch the guide at any time, simply press the “WATCH” button on the Control4 remote control and select “User Guide” from the list of options.

If you have any technical problems or questions about the equipment during your stay, don’t hesitate to call our Team right away on 01590 648398 or email us at

We’ve put together some tips below for you to try during your stay.

Getting you and your guests online:

  • Wi-Fi Network Name: Lavender House
  • Wi-Fi Network Password: Lav3nd3r
  • The Passkey for both Xboxes is: 413299.

There are two Echo Shows at Lavender: one in the Lounge, the other in the Annex, allowing video drop-in. We recommend using the following Alexa commands:


  • ...drop into the annex (this connects the video call between the rooms)
  • ...drop into the lounge (from the other end)
  • ...hang up

The iPad is available to control lighting, window shades and music through the Control 4 & Spotify Apps.

Control 4 Logo

We recommend using the Control4 remotes to operate the TVs in the Lounge, Kitchen and Annex. If you look at the display on the remote, it will tell you which TV it is connected to. Press the red Control4 button on the remote to show the same launch menu on the TV as you will see on the iPad.

Spotify Guide

There are two parts to using Spotify in Lavender House:

  • Spotify Connect/Control 4
  • Spotify App

Spotify Connect/Control 4 App

Please use Spotify Connect (available in the ‘Listen’ are of the Control4 app on the tablet) to pick which rooms you would like to play the music in.

The available rooms are: Lounge, Kitchen, Hallway, Annexe and Outdoor Hot Tub. You can control the volume independently for each room.

Spotify App

Please use the standalone Spotify app on the tablet to search for and play music.

Ensure that “Lavender House” is selected as the device to play from, using the symbol below in the Spotify app.

Spotify Lavender House Icon

Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to use your own mobile device to broadcast to the Lavender speakers. This is due to security protocols on our Wi-Fi and the way in which these apps communicate.

Have an amazing stay!

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