VIP Wi-Fi Wireless Network Service Expectations

Our intention of service is to provide reasonable and reliable connection throughout the accommodation and facilities areas of the park for the purposes of light internet browsing and checking emails.

1. VIP Service Coverage Expectations:

  • Wi-Fi coverage is available throughout the accommodation and facilities areas of the park.
  • Coverage is intended for a minimum of 50% of your Holiday Home.
  • Coverage can be impacted by seasonal foliage or the insulation of your holiday home. 100% coverage throughout the season is not guaranteed & should not be expected.

2. Speed / Usage

By providing VIP wireless to Holiday Home Owners we always prioritize your connection and speed above our Guest network for Holiday Makers. Therefore, you can expect the following:

  • 3Mbps Upload and Download per device connection, which is adequate for streaming music and standard definition video per device.
  • Internet browsing and email access (low bandwidth internet services).
  • 7 registered device connections (see devices section below for guide):
    5 Mobile Devices (e.g. laptop, smartphone, tablet)
    2 Static Devices (e.g. Smart TV, Games Console, Media Streaming device). Please complete our online Ambassadors Mac Address form to have your devices added.

However, you should not expect the following as they are not supported:

  • Guarantees of consistent speed during peak times. Although you should always have a stable connection from within core facilities & receptions.
  • Setting up your own network as devices are hidden from each other for security reasons.
  • Increased Mobile Phone signal.
  • A reliable and consistent Online Gaming or Media Streaming experience.
  • Warranties or service level assurances.
  • Devices that need inter-communication on the local network will not be supported i.e. Chromecast and printers.

3. Device Registration

  • You will be provided with 1 VIP Pass code per Holiday Home.
  • This code can be used to connect 5 devices to the wireless network at any one time.
  • To register up to 2 static devices, please contact our Reception team or complete our online Ambassadors Mac Address form, which will be added within 2 working days, 08:30-17:30 Mon-Fri. You will receive email confirmation when your MAC address has been added.
  • There is an alternative Guest wireless network for guests using your Holiday Home. It is recommended you ask them to use this network rather than use your own account. Please find assistance with here:
  • Your VIP Network is given priority over the Guest wireless network and has a higher download/upload speed.
  • Ethernet Port connectivity – Our devices are configured to provide Wireless connectivity only.

4. Service Support

  • Shorefield Holidays Ltd employees are not permitted to configure your devices; however, advice and assistance may be given. A quick start guide is available here:
  • Service black spots will be investigated with Shorefield owned equipment to confirm if the network is within original working parameters.
  • Best endeavors will be made to resolve black spots without additional cost to owners.
  • If 50% coverage is achieved, Shorefield Team are not obliged to take further steps. Additional works or equipment would be chargeable to the owner with a quote being arranged with our Sales Team.
  • To request assistance with the Wi-Fi service, please first contact your parks Reception team. Alternatively, or for further troubleshooting assistance please raise a support request via our portal. Our Wi-Fi support team will respond within 2 working days between 08:30-17:30 Mon-Fri & between 8:30-13:00 Saturday.

Terms and Conditions

On occasions, for technical, legal or operational reasons, the service may not be available. We will also control the types of material that can be sent or received over the Wi-Fi service. You must not rely on the Wi-Fi service for emergency calling or work purposes. If necessary, we can also suspend your access at any time at our sole discretion without responsibility to you. Your use of the Wi-Fi service is at your own risk, we are not responsible to you for any damages, losses, costs or expenses you suffer because the Wi-Fi service is unavailable, does not operate as expected or causes loss or damage to any data.

The Network may not be used in a manner that damages Shorefield Holidays Limited's reputation or goodwill; violates another ISP's acceptable use policy and/or terms of service; or interferes with another's use of the network.

Full Terms and Conditions of the service are available via our website at the following web address:

Last updated: 17th May 2021