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Helping to protect green spaces in the New Forest and Dorset

Our Green Initiatives and Sustainable Holidays

in support of the Great Big Green Week and beyond!

Here at Shorefield Holidays we are mindful of our impact on the environment and strive to 'be green' where possible, without compromising on luxury.

We believe that being green is important all year round. We have a detailed Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, encouraging a range of socio-environmental responsibilities as a business. Find out what we're doing in support of the Big Green Week and beyond below...

  • Energy efficiency
  • Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

How we are delivering

Our efforts to reduce our impact and go green as an organisation

Sustainability at Our Parks

Sustainability at Our Parks

We have a number of 'green' initiatives across our holiday parks to help minimise our environmental impact and to prevent unnecessary pollution.

Throughout The Great Big Green Week, our teams will be holding a number of litter picks and beach cleans across our parks. We're even a Gold David Bellamy Conservation Award winner for all that we do to help wildlife and the environment. Just some of the 'green' things we do to include:

  • All general waste from the bins at our parks is sorted, ensuring any of it is recycled where necessary
  • Biomass boiler heats our swimming pool at Shorefield Country Park, using locally sourced woodchip for fuel
  • All street lights and caravan lights are LED
  • Leaving the grass uncut in certain areas to provide for bees and other pollinators
  • Our hanging flower baskets are on an irrigation system to reduce water waste
  • Garden waste and food waste from our parks is composted
  • Fencing materials and timber is always FSC accredited
  • We are switching company vehicles to electric cars, with a vision to swap over 10% of vehicles each year
  • Our lawnmowers have mulching decks to reduce waste
  • Where essential tree works are carried out, we reuse the chippings on our gardens
  • EV chargers installed across our parks
  • We support employees with remote working where possible - reducing emissions from commuting
  • Solar panels at our head office contribute to renewable energy and reduced emissions
  • We support The Great Big Green Week with litter picks, beach cleans and by creating new wildflower areas on park
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Leaving grass uncut for bees and pollinators

We leave the grass uncut in certain areas to provide for bees and pollinators

Electric Vehicle Nissan Zero Emmision

We're switching to electric company vehicles

Shorefield Holidays staff creating wildflower areas as part of The Great Big Green Week

Shorefield Holidays staff creating wildflower areas as part of The Great Big Green Week

Bumblebee on lavender at a Shorefield Holiday park

We're a BBKA Honey Bee Friendly Park

We Think Before We Print

We Think Before We Print

We're aiming to reduce the amount we print. One such way we've done so is by no longer printing our welcome booklet and instead have all our arrival information and useful local information available on our app! By not printing our welcome booklets we're saving an estimated 208,000 pages per year, which equates to roughly 15 trees each year! This doesn't even include our entertainment programmes or food menus, which we print less of and instead have displayed on our digital signal, online and on our apps!

We're also committed to paperless offices, using digital documents wherever possible. Where we do need to print, all our external print suppliers use FSC recognised suppliers for their paper! FSC products are recognised as being environmentally responsible, protecting sacred sites and trees as well as concentrating on sustainability.

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  • We've stopped printing our welcome booklet and instead have an app with useful information - saving around 208,000 pages each year!
  • We're committed to paperless offices, moving to digital documents and electronic signature software
  • Our external printing contractors use FSC recognised suppliers and fully recyclable paper
Shorefield Holidays app

Our app saves on printing, helping us save roughly 15 trees each year

Locally Sourced Products

Locally Sourced Products

We support local suppliers, reducing our carbon footprint.

We are proud members of the New Forest Marque. At Shorefield Country Park, our eggs are supplied by Fluffetts Farm and our meat is from New Forest Butchers. We also feature a range of ingredients and products within our bars and restaurants, including New Forest Tonic, Beachcomber Gin (based in Lymington), Naked Jam (based in Lymington) and Ringwood Brewery. We also stock a range of fantastic locally produced goodies and gifts in our on-site Country Stores, so be sure to check out what's available and pick up some of the finest New Forest and Dorset treats.

Did you know? Locally sourced produce not only helps support local organisations and businesses, but it helps reduce carbon emissions due to less transportation.

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  • We're proud members of the New Forest Marque
  • Free-range eggs sourced from Fluffets Farm in Fordingbridge
  • Hampers featuring New Forest produce available
  • Locally sourced products and produce in our Country Stores
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Local produce used in our restaurants

We're members of the New Forest Marque, using locally sourced produce and ingredients

New Forest hampers with local produce

New Forest Hampers with treats from local suppliers

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Reduce Reuse Recycle

Our IT department recycle their old equipment with Stone Group, who are currently the only UK IT recycler with 0% landfill certification. We do this to reduce waste, lower our carbon footprint and help aid the environment as the more you recycle the more trees are planted by Stone Group partner the National Forest. Stone Group also refurbishes our old equipment to give it a new lease of life and a new home.

  • Trees planted for recycled equipment
  • 172 trees planted by The National Forest so far
  • 65 devices recycled by Shorefield Holidays so far
IT Recycling

IT Recycling

How Can You Help?

How Can You Help?

Small changes you make can have an impact.

Whether you're staying at our parks or simply want to try and make a few changes to be 'more green' at home, here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • We encourage guests to minimise car use whilst on holiday, such as by using the fantastic New Forest Tour bus in summer or walking to nearby beaches
  • Try having 'meat free' meals, even just for one day of the week! Animal-based foods tend to have a larger carbon footprint than plant-based foods
  • Collect rainwater for watering plants in your garden
  • Buy local - saving emissions and helping to support your local community
  • Turn off the tap whilst brushing your teeth to save water
  • Explore our 'Wildlife Walk' at Shorefield Country Park and learn about the local wildlife
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Watering can collecting rainwater

Save water by collecting rainwater for your garden


The New Forest Tour visits Shorefield Country Park in summer, offering a car-free mode of transport