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Ambassadors MAC Addresses

Connecting Your Smart Devices

As a holiday home owner with us you have access to our dedicated VIP wireless network, where you will be able to connect multiple devices at the same time.

In addition to mobile devices, you can also connect up to 2 static devices, such as smart TV’s and games consoles. In order to connect these devices, you will need to provide us with the MAC address of any device(s) you wish to be added to the network. These can usually be found:

  • Affixed to the back of the device
  • Within the network settings of the device

MAC addresses will appear as a combination of letters & numbers, in sets of two, each separated by a dash or sometimes a colon.

  • For example: 00-50-5E-C0-00-01 or 00:50:5E:C0:00:01

Q. I can't find my MAC address.

If you are struggling to find the MAC address of a specific device or piece of equipment, please follow this link where you will find specific information on how to locate it by device.

You can register your device(s) by filling out our short form using the link below. You will need to have the following details to hand:

  1. Your Shorefield Holidays Account No: (e.g. SMI1234)
  2. Your Park
  3. Your Pitch No.
  4. MAC Address of Device 1
  5. MAC Address of Device 2
  6. Your Email Address For Verification