Caravan Parks Near Monkey World, Dorset

Discover Monkey World in Dorset

Monkey World is a dedicated rescue centre designed to assist governments world wide to prevent the smuggling of wild primates. The centre, which opened in 1987, rehabilitates and houses the refugees of this illegal trade, as well as those who have suffered abuse or neglect.

Set on 65 acres with walk ways suitable to push prams, and with family ticket prices from only £37.00, Monkey World offers a fantastic family day out.

The primates at Monkey World suffer from various physical or psychological conditions The centre provides a haven and has its own veterinary care team and 30 primate care staff to monitor, encourage and promote good health and welfare among the primates. Thanks to the work done by the dedicated staff at Monkey World most of the rescued primates go on to lead full, active, social and happy lives after their treatment.

The primates here are placed in social groups and given the freedom of choice to decide between indoor and outdoor areas to play and explore in. 

Located just a 25 minute drive away from Swanage Coastal Park and Merley Court Holiday Park, or 35-40 minutes from Oakdene Forest Park and Forest Edge Holiday Park, the centre is open daily from 10am until 5pm.

What can you see, at Monkey World?

The centre is home to 250 primates, including the largest group of chimpanzees outside of Africa. These chimpanzees live in 4 different social groups. There is also five different species of Gibbon in the centre including the adorable Golden-Cheeked gibbons. Three groups of orangutans live in the centre which are of two different species, Bornean and Sumatran. Monkey World is home to the only orang-utang creche in Europe and is very successful in breeding Bornean orangutan-tangs.

In addition to these wonderful primates. There is also 11 other species of monkeys and prosimians at the centre, from cotton-top tamarins to squirrel monkeys making this the perfect location to bring the family to have fun while learning.