David Bellamy Award Shorefield 2019

Another David Bellamy Award for Shorefield Country Park

Shorefield Country Park in Hampshire has once again been awarded the GOLD accolade for its dedication to the environment and Britain's wildlife.

The picturesque, family run holiday park is located in Milford on Sea and is lucky to be in a beautiful spot within the New Forest, with easy access to the scenic coastline and just a short walk from the beach.

What exactly are the David Bellamy Awards?

The David Bellamy Conservation Award Scheme is one of the longest running green tourism awards in the UK. They have been described by David Bellamy himself as the 'Green Olympics' for holiday parks and campsites. The awards are decided using a number of criteria, including managing land as a haven for wildlife, reducing the use of energy, supporting local communities and reducing water usage & other resources.

Lots of efforts have been put in place by Ian Colverson, our Head Gardener at Shorefield Country Park, to ensure that the impact the park has on the environment is minimal. One such development is the introduction of semi arid plants and drought resistant shrubs to conserve water consumption, in addition to the use of renewable energy to heat the pools.

One of the most notable achievements is the park's dedication to preserving Britain's bees. As a result, Shorefield Country Park has also been awarded the Honey Bee Pledge, acknowledging that the park is Honey Bee Friendly.

There are four hives on site as well as areas to ensure the bee population is well looked after, a tradition started by the company's founder, Dr. Robert Pollock. Amendments have also been made to the mowing regime on park to provide a continual source of nectar for the bees. Fear not though, the beehives are tucked away in a secluded corner of the park!

The awards also have a yearly focus on a particular habitat, known as the '5 Habitats in 5 Years' project. Starting in 2017, the awards focused on hedgerows for the first year and Shorefield Country Park was commended for wildlife-friendly hedges throughout the park which help to provide a habitat for a variety of animals and insects. This resulted in the park receiving its 5 in 5 Hedgerow Habitat Award.

This year, the David Bellamy Conservation Awards were looking at wildflower meadows and other wildflower areas. Shorefield Country Park once again received the 5 in 5 Wildflower Habitat Badge as a result of focusing on enhancing our wildflower areas throughout the park.

All this is just the beginning and the team are keen to continually improve the work being done to help Britain's wildlife and the environment! Why not check our Green Statement to see everything we're proud to be doing. This goes hand in hand with our efforts to reduce plastic use, plus our dedication to keeping our local area naturally beautiful through the likes of beach cleans.

We're incredibly proud to have once again been awarded this accolade, proving that we're doing all we can for conservation.

But don't just take our word for it, why not come and stay for yourself? With fantastic special offers throughout the year you're sure to find your perfect escape to help you get back to nature.

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