Our Charitable Work

As a leading local business, we're working hard to increase our Corporate Social Responsibility and help support the local community. Take a look at just some of the things we're doing below!

Local Beach Cleanups

We're on a mission to reduce waste, both on the beach and across our park, which is why each year we aim to host at least one local beach clean as part of our ongoing fight against plastic pollution. The increasing problem of plastic in our oceans is posing a real threat to marine life and ecosystems, so we're keen to do as much as we can to tackle this. This year's beach clean took place at Milford on Sea Beach on Tuesday 23rd July!


    Find out more about our beach clean projects and don't forget to keep an eye out for updates of when our next one will take place.

    Reduced plastic usage across our parks

    Since February 2018 we've removed plastic straws from our bars at all our parks. We have replaced these with either paper straws or biodegradable alternatives. In addition to this, we've swapped all our plastic cups throughout our fitness suites and gyms for paper alternatives, as well as moving away from free plastic bags in our park shops to more eco-friendly, reusable 'Bags For Life'.

    We know that these relatively small changes will have a huge impact and we are determined to continue championing positive change in the industry.

    Dress-down days for Oakhaven Hospice

    For one day only, in the last week of each month, our teams will be donning a more casual look – all in the name of charity! For every member of staff that takes part, we’ll be collecting a £2 donation for Oakhaven Hospice.


    It might not seem like much, but with over 250 employees across our eight parks, if everyone took part we’d really make a difference to such a fantastic local charity.

    Pennies from heaven for Macmillan Cancer Support

    We’ve introduced a ‘Pennies from Heaven’ initiative for our employees, which lets our staff choose whether they would like to donate the spare change from their monthly paycheck to Macmillan Cancer Support. So, let’s say you’re paid £1234.56 each month. On payday 56p goes to charity and you keep the £1234. We already have 47 wonderful members of staff signed up and counting!