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Experience Virtual Reality - HTC Vive

Break the boundaries of reality with the HTC Vive. Explore new and undiscovered lands and travel to distant galaxies with fully immersive virtual reality experiences, limited only by your imagination. Will you survive the Vive?


Discover the best Virtual Reality experience available right now. Whether you're an experienced gamer or just curious about VR, we have sessions available starting from just £12.50.



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Discover virtual reality beyond imagination...

In direct partnership with HTC VIVE and SteamVR, we're the first on the South Coast to launch this VRoom, using state of the art hardware to ensure an experience, which is second to none. Be first to immerse in VRoom with many titles, including The Lab, Audioshield, Space Pirate Trainer and The Brookhaven Experiment. Spectators witness their family & friends act out the experience live while following the action up close on our large crystal clear 4K display.

We’re proud to bring this cutting edge experience to our guests.

'Everyone that has been lucky enough to try this brand new VRoom experience, is amazed by how real it feels, I encourage everyone to try it for themselves. You will get to play with really cool virtual reality games and experiences, plus the ability to move around in the space watched by your friends and family really adds to the fun!’ - Andy Bowden

VRoom content can be very “life-like”. This may cause some disorientation, but our VR Operator is on hand to guide you through the experience, which is guaranteed to have you coming back for more. Minimum age for use of the VRoom is: 7 Years. Before experiencing the VRoom at Oakdene Forest Park, it is important you read the following Health & Safety information.

Opening Times

The VRoom is open 10:00-18:00 

Closed Monday's & Friday's

VRoom is located at Oakdene Forest Park
St. Leonards, Ringwood, Hampshire, BH24 2RZ