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Virtual Private Networks

Improving your experience of our wireless network

Dear Ambassadors

We are always considering ways to improve your experience of our wireless network. One of the steps is to prevent Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections that are not for remote working purposes.

Essentially, we have made the decision to block access to unauthorised VPNs as they are detected by UK streaming services & we risk these services being blocked for our Owners. It is our belief the majority of owners wish to stream UK TV on our wireless network and we do not want the few to impact the many.

If you use a VPN for remote working, please can you kindly complete the following form by 30/09/2022, so our team are able to consider your request and avoid interruption: Request a VPN for Remote Working

Whilst you are welcome to use a VPN for occasional remote working, you may not conduct a business from your Holiday Home. We will be restricting all other VPN access from 3/10/2022 at 10:00. If you have any questions about your Wi-Fi service, please do get in touch by emailing

Andy Bowden

On behalf of the Shorefield ICT Team.

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