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Frozen Pipes

Owners Drain Down Reminder

With colder temperatures forecast, we recommend preparing for the winter months ahead.

Most of you will be aware that holiday homes are generally less protected than brick-built homes from freezing due to their construction and therefore it is essential that some protective measures are undertaken to protect your treasured assets. Winter drain downs are a key step to ensuring that your holiday home is protected from damage when the temperatures drop below freezing (these requirements are generally written into your insurance conditions).

Our Estates teams offer a comprehensive drain down service, which we feel is second to none and offers you the peace of mind that your holiday home is adequately protected for the winter months ahead.

We strongly recommend this service provided by our in-house team, which ensures the best protection for your holiday home.

Should you arrange to have this service done by independent contractors we recommend that you request a full breakdown of work that will be undertaken to ensure that it meets your insurance requirements and that you are obtaining a “like-for-like” quotation.

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The service includes:

  • Disconnection of the incoming cold-water supply.
  • Removal of any thermostatic mixer valves (showers) as these are prone to freezing and damage.
  • Opening of all taps and valves to blow through with high pressure air to remove any water from the hot and cold-water systems.
  • Addition of antifreeze in toilet bowls and sinks.
  • A Glycol check of your heating system (heating side of boiler) this is the antifreeze that protects the boiler, pipework and radiators.
  • Glycol top up if required (optional and chargeable).
  • Boiler left on frost stat standard (or turned off, on request)
  • Reconnection when you choose it (water can be left on or off, optional).
  • Boiler left on frost stat when reconnected (min setting can be chosen, optional).

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