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Our Hot Tub Holiday Guide

A hot tub is the perfect way to relax at any time of year – and at Shorefield, we’ve got great hot tub holidays at top destinations in Dorset and Hampshire!

Spoilt for choice? Let’s guide you through our hot tub holidays and help you get the most out of your retreat...

Enjoy a Hot Tub Holiday at Any Time

2 Hot Tub Caravan At Oakdene

Think a hot tub is just for the summer holidays? Think again! In fact, a soak on a winter’s evening is one of the very best ways to enjoy a hot tub. Get the most out of your hot tub holiday in the winter, with these handy tips – and learn about some of the benefits of cold weather hot tubbing.

A Hot Soak in Winter Feels Great

Warm water is a huge relief from the cold air and makes for an excellent muscle soak after a long, epic winter walk. It’s kind of like a hot bath – but much more social! It’s a soothing way to wind down, keeping your joints supple and muscles limber after an adventure in the forest. It’s a fun experience to share, and lets you take in the outdoors together for that little bit longer.

Signature Hot Tub Lodge In The Snow

Keep Your Slippers, Robes and Towels on Standby

Make sure you’re prepared before your dip, with some fluffy bath robes, extra-warm slippers and a towel to dry off with! Even though our hot tubs are right outside your accommodation, you won’t want to feel the chill when you’re just wearing a swimming costume.


Cool Your Jets, Hotshot!

Using the air jets creates a wonderful massaging sensation. It’s half the allure of a hot tub – but be warned; excessive jet use will make the water quite chilly during the winter. The jets draw air in from around the hot tub, so in cold weather you’ll be sitting in bubbles of icy air. By all means, use the jets, just use them sparingly to avoid a temperature drop.


Our Hot Tub Accommodation

For complete peace of mind, we empty, clean and refill our hot tubs after every departure – and set them up to reach the optimum temperature by the time you arrive.

Sublime Hot Tub Caravans

Sublime Caravans at Oakdene Forest Park, Shorefield Country Park and Swanage Coastal Park feature private hot tubs, so you won’t have to venture far for a soothing dip. Packed with modern features and creature comforts, these gorgeous holiday homes enjoy the luxurious bonus of a hot tub; just perfect for a night under the stars or even a couple of glasses of wine.

6 Hot Tub Lodge Exterior Woodland

Hot Tub Lodges

Signature lodges with hot tubs are available at Merley Court Holiday Park as well as our Oakdene, Shorefield and Swanage parks. Experience the highest level of luxury – great for families and groups of up to eight.


Our Luxury Houses with Hot Tubs

Last but not least, our luxury houses at Shorefield Country Park are not only laden with luxurious fixtures and furnishings – they feature brilliant hot tubs. Honeysuckle Cottage is a beautiful retreat for two, while Wisteria House or Lavender House are the perfect getaway for groups (up to 12 or 14, respectively).

Book Your Hot Tub Holiday!

Take a last minute, midweek mini break for a great deal before Christmas – or plan ahead for your ultimate staycation. Want to know more? Check our FAQ page or find out about all the types of hot tub holidays we offer.

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