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Tree Policy

Tree Policy

Dear Shorefield Ambassadors,

We often get requests to cut back or remove trees and hedges on park so I thought it might be useful to share our tree policy with you all.

Trees and woodlands play a prominent role in the parks landscape. We recognise that trees have an intrinsic appeal as landscape and cultural features. They also have a high biological and heritage value.

Shorefield Holidays Ltd have a duty to conserve biodiversity and considerate management of trees plays a significant role in achieving this. We also have a significant percentage of trees that are covered by Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs) and many that fall under the protection of a Site of Importance for Natural Conservation (SINC).

Objectives when considering tree management

Control the risk to people and structures from trees.

Conserve the biodiversity value that trees provide including old and decaying trees.

Avoid unnecessary removal, disfigurement, or damage to trees with amenity, landscape, or wildlife value.

Trees and woodland will normally only be felled for the purposes of safety, access management, conservation, and heritage preservation.

Dead, dying or dangerous trees

Shorefield Holidays Ltd will not remove dead trees as a matter of course. If deemed safe they are a significant habitat and are great for biodiversity. If a tree is deemed to be a potential hazard it will be removed subject to permission from the local authority.

Dying or dangerous branches

Where a significantly hazardous branch is identified it will be removed or reduced to a safe point.

Damage to property

Where it can be demonstrated that a tree is the primary cause of direct or indirect damage to property, Shorefield Holidays Ltd will act to rectify the problem and remove branches if they are making contact with a holiday home.

Obstruction of light

Within law there is no right to light for adjoining properties. It is usually difficult to prune a tree to give a lasting improvement to light levels. Often the extent of reduction required to alleviate light obstruction can be damaging to the tree and often leads to thick regrowth which can compound the issue and therefore, we would not remove trees to reinstate light or views.

Falling leaves, debris, bird droppings and aphid problems

Shorefield Holidays Ltd are not responsible for fallen leaves, or other tree debris such as cones, acorns, pine needles, seeds, blossom, or honeydew secretion, we would not cut back trees to reduce pollen and the clearing of gutters would be the responsibility of the holiday homeowner. Pruning trees is not a solution to this occurrence and we will not fell or prune a tree because of leaf litter. This also applies to trees that host nesting birds, aphids, and insects.

Hedge cutting

We do not cut our hedges during the bird nesting season as we value the birdlife on our parks

Television reception

Trees will not be removed or cut back to improve television or Wi-Fi reception.

Damage from trees

Any damages would be claimed from your holiday home insurance provider.

Tree works

Any works to trees and hedges in the park's boundaries may only be carried out by the Park Grounds Team or their appointed contractors.

Tree Surveys

Tree surveys are carried out on a regular basis by specialist contractors.

Removal of trees

Shorefield Holidays will not intentionally remove trees or damage the root plate of a tree to extend a holiday home base to accommodate a larger unit. Damaging the tree root can put the stability of the tree in danger and lead to irreversible damage.

We hope this clarifies things for you and hope that you appreciate our commitment to our parks aesthetics and its eco system. We have a beautiful forest park which I’m sure was a factor when you decided to purchase with us, and we are committed to preserving it.

From the Shorefield Grounds and Operations Teams.

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