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Theme Nights

Oakdene Theme Nights

Dear Oakdene Holiday Homeowner,

Dear Oakdene Holiday Homeowner,

We have some great theme nights coming to Oakdene in August please see details below:

Saturday 5th August - 80’s theme night

Emma and the team will be putting on a fantastic 80’s night with music and gameshows from the era. So instead of sitting indoors being a “telly addict”, get yourself down to the Show Bar where “you bet” you’ll have a wonderful night, not forgetting the “Blockbuster” act Owen Paul fantastic 80s pop, best known for his number 3 hit “My favourite waste of time”.

Saturday 26th August - Rock theme night

Hope to see you in the Oakdene Show Bar for our rock themed night, which promises to be a brilliant night. The team will be performing their in-house rock show, there will be a “Don’t forget the lyrics” games show, rock themed party dances and the main act of the evening will be “Platinum Queen” a tribute to one of the greatest rock bands ever.

We look forward to seeing you at these fabulous theme nights.

Let’s rock Oakdene!

Stuart, Operations Manager

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