Electric Vehicle Charging Point

New Electric Vehicle Charging Points at Our Parks

Shorefield Holidays have teamed up with Tesla to accommodate the growing need for electric vehicle charging stations in Hampshire.

Our guests can travel to our parks with the peace of mind that they can recharge their Electric Vehicle (EV) whilst staying or dining with us, making the travel process easier for a growing number of our guests.

Electric charging points at Shorefield

A Tethered Universal Type-2 Charger and a Tesla Destination Charger are now available for guests just outside our Main Reception at Shorefield Country Park. We also have a tethered Universal Type-2 Charger exclusive to our Lavender House Guests and a Tesla Destination Charger at our New Forest Lodge Retreat.

Andy Bowden, Director said “At Shorefield Holidays we are mindful of our carbon footprint and selective with all our products and services. Choosing to link ourselves with Tesla further enhances the Shorefield Experience & is another beneficial union demonstrating our commitment to the environment.”

Tesla charging

Our EV parking bays are FREE to all our Ambassadors & Holiday Guests while charging, but we respectfully request these bays are left available when not in use.

We’ll be considering other charging locations within our family of parks, all of which are within 40 miles of our chargers, so what better reason to visit them all!

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