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Ambassadors energy saving

Utility Price Rises & Reducing Consumption

What can we do to reduce energy consumption?

Dear Ambassadors

Many of you will have noticed the comparatively low unit price of electricity in your recent utility invoice from us. This was due to the cost of electricity being averaged over the 6-month period of consumption. In future, we will be subject to a significantly higher price and even with the Government funded Energy Bill Relief Scheme, we can expect unit prices well in excess of 30 pence per kWh going forward.

Therefore, we want to provide warning to all our valued Ambassadors and help where possible to reduce utility consumption and therefore cost, by making suggestions as to how your bills can be reduced. What can you do to reduce energy consumption?

5 ways to reduce your carbon footprint and combat the rising costs of energy:

Do full laundry loads
Half-load settings save very little energy, so a full load is much more energy efficient. Do fewer (but fuller) – wash loads instead.

2. Use the eco setting
On your dishwasher or boiler, the eco setting heats water more slowly, using less energy. You get the same results; it just takes a little longer.

3. Be Careful with that kettle
When making tea or coffee, most of us fill the kettle right up. This means as a country we’re wasting around £68 million worth of energy a year. By filling your kettle just to the level, you need, it could save you up to a third of the energy you have been using.

4. Turn down the temperature
With today’s effective washing machine detergents, there’s often no need to run your washing machine any higher than 30°C – clean clothes, energy saved, job done!

5. Smart heating controls and Thermostats
Smart boiler controls can significantly reduce the amount of energy you use heating your home, you can remotely check the heating is turned off or on and set it, so your home is warm for your return.

Our experienced team have installed several smart thermostats for Ambassadors across our parks, which help reduce consumption and allow for remote control of your holiday home heating. If you would like to know more, please reach out via

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