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Stay Cyber Safe

Dear Ambassadors,

We take Cyber Security very seriously at Shorefield Holidays and would like to share some guidance with you, which we recently shared with our Teams: Phishing Emails containing QR Codes, often called Quishing are becoming more frequent & sophisticated. In fact, a recent article demonstrated how a victim was scammed out of £13k Thornaby: Woman targeted in £13k railway station QR code scam - BBC News. QR codes are nearly impossible to recognise as malicious by people, so they take some extra attention. Here are some tips:

• Treat QR codes like any other link in an unexpected email, or possibly even with more caution. If you receive a QR code either in the email or sent to you by a friend, contact them first and verify that they have indeed sent you the code. NEVER scan a QR code you receive via email & NEVER enter any login details unless the email is expected.• When scanning a QR code, your device should display the site it will take you to underneath the QR Code. If the link does appear genuine, don’t access the website.

• Use the built-in scanner through your smartphone's camera to scan for QR codes. There is no need to download another one from the app store since there are fake QR code scanners and ones that come bundled with unwanted extras. Nobody wants to become the victim of a cyber-attack and we hope that by sharing this, even if we help just one person, it has been worthwhile.

Best regards,

The Shorefield ICT Team

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