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Caravan holiday homes at Shorefield Country Park in the New Forest

Removal of Steps at Shorefield Country Park

Dear Shorefield Country Park Ambassadors,

Following feedback on the Ambassadors Facebook Group related to the removal of the steps on Dane Park, leading to West Road, we’ve considered and discussed this subject within our leadership teams. We’re sorry that the removal of these steps has disappointed some of you. However, we won’t be reinstating these steps. Alternative pedestrian access off the park can be seen on the Shorefield Country Park map.

We have routes from Woodland view, adjacent to the former steps, and along the path out of Amberwood, both are detailed on the map. The steps were not push chair or wheelchair friendly and became hazardous when wet, we feel that the alternative routes available are much safer. Please note that the steps have never been a public right of way, we mention this as it was raised on this group so felt it necessary to clarify. Thank you all again for your feedback.

View the map here.

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