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Rates Invoice Notice

Dear Ambassadors,

We have received the new Regulation 4 Notices from the Valuation Office, however some of the increases are very large and do not correspond in any way with the revised park rateable values.

With this in mind, we are going to work with our rating advisors to investigate these and also appeal our rateable values.

We have therefore decided to invoice your rates for 2023/24 at last year's figure plus an increase of 7.5% as an interim measure.

We believe that the final figures will be in excess of this, but this will both give us time to investigate the figures fully and also ensure that we do not delay the invoicing too much so that they become due near the time of next year's pitch fee deposits.

When the final figures are known, we will inform you and if it is more, we will issue a supplementary invoice.

We also ask that you settle the invoices when due, as we are already paying the increased Business Rates.

Kind regards,

The Shorefield Team

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