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Dear Shorefield Country Park Ambassador,

As we are in the swing of our busy peak season, we thought that it would benefit everyone to issue a reminder about the do’s and don'ts in relation to your personal QR codes and memberships.

All owners and their friends and family list of 10 must have their individual QR codes and all children over the age of 8 must know their own unique loyalty number, if they do not have access to an email address.

You MUST NOT share your QR code with anyone else it is your own individual code.

Please be aware that we do not accept screenshots of the QR code. You will get asked to see the live app.

Do not share to ohers loyalty numbers, we have come across this recently and it becomes embarrassing for yourself as well as us. We wtant your guests to have the best experience, so please abide by the rules.

Anyone not on your friends and family list will need to pay for park passes to use all our facilities, they can do this at Reception.

If you have seasonal membership, please can we remind you that it is your responsibility to enter your guests' details online to ensure that they receive their digital park passes. Failure to do this could result in your guests not being able to access and use our facilities.

Thank you to those who of you that do follow the correct procedure.

Jonny Maher, Operations Manager

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