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Hanging Christmas Decorations

Merry Christmas Ambassadors

Dear Shorefield Country Park Ambassadors,

To all of our Owners a holiday rhyme

To help raise a smile for you at Christmas time

To the owners at Shorefield from B row to J

We hope you enjoy your Christmas day

As operations manager I don’t need to think twice

I know all the owners who are naughty and nice

To the owners at Seabreeze Merry Christmas to you

To all of our owners up in Woodland View

From Rosewood to Danestream we send Christmas greetings

To all of the Owners that have had Welcome Meetings

To New Forest Lodges may your Christmas be happy

To the owners at Downton, the park’s not the abbey

To the Amberwood owners and the Jubilee few

A very Merry Christmas and New Year to you

To you in Dane park I hope your enjoying my sonnet

Christmas is coming it's time to get on it

Feliz Navidad to our owners from Spain

To those from New Milton whose travel is no pain

Its Joyeux Noel to our owners from France

Enjoy Christmas day as you eat, drink and dance

We have owners from England and Scotland a further

Enjoy the festivities with gusto a fervour

Nadolig Llawen to our owners from Wales

Enjoying the seaside and Woodland walk trails

To the owners from Ireland and up in the highlands

We even have owners from the Channel Islands

From all of our parks and every team member

We hope that your Christmas is one to remember

To all of our owners we send Christmas cheer

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

From Jonny Maher and the Shorefield Country Park Teams

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