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The beachcomber offers cocktail pitchers

Cocktails at Shorefield

Dear Shorefield Country Park Ambassador,

To celebrate World Cocktail Day, our Complex team will be making five new cocktail specials from around the globe until the end of May. We have included the recipes here so that you can even get your shakers out at home or at your holiday home.

Happy flairing from the Shorefield Country Park Complex Team.

Cuba Libre

25ml Bacardi

25ml Spiced Rum

15ml Lime Juice

Top with Ice & Coke Decorated with a Lime wheel.

Alabama Slammer

25ml Southern Comfort

25ml Di Saronno

25ml Crème de Cassis

50ml Orange Juice

Topped with ice.

Black Russian

50ml Smirnoff

20ml Kahlua

Pour over Ice topped with a Cherry.

Reggae Rum Punch

40ml Bacardi

10ml Grenadine

150ml Orange Juice

150ml Pineapple Juice

Poured over crushed Ice Decorated with a Pineapple Wedge

Irish Monkey Shooter

50ml Baileys

30ml Crème de Banane

In tall Shot Glass.

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