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Ambassadors Family and Friends Members Update

Included in your Ownership is the allowance of up to 10 family and friends’ members on our loyalty system who also have access to your Ambassador discounts in our shops and bars.

During 2022 we became aware that some owners were misusing the system and we were repeatedly being asked to add and change members, which is quite a time-consuming task. From 2023 onwards we will be reverting to the old system whereby you will be allowed two free-of-charge changes to your Family & Friends list. We reserve the right to charge a £35 fee for any additional changes throughout the year (per additional change), which will cover admin costs, this will reset at the beginning of each calendar year 01/01/YY.

We appreciate that new Owners may not immediately know all 10 members that they wish to add to their membership, so in the 1st year of Ownership and in any other exceptional circumstances these will be reviewed on a case-by-case* basis.

Please note that for any other visitors to your unit, you must either enrol on our Seasonal Membership scheme whereby an unlimited number of visitors receive their own Passes for the duration of their stay OR your visitors are welcome to pay for their individual/family Park Passes at reception. Please visit our Owners Portal online or pop into Reception for more information on these.

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