It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


20th November 2017

It’s that magical time of the year when town centres across the UK are decorated with fairy lights and sweet mulled wine replaces hot chocolate for that perfect winter warmer! And this year is no exception.

Bournemouth’s Town Square is no stranger to bringing all the best festivities in one place whilst being able to accommodate for everyone of all ages.

This year, Shorefield Holidays are delighted to sponsor the Santa's Grotto at Bournemouth's brand new Christmas Market, and what better way to start the countdown to Christmas than having Cyril, Cybil, and Pat join the party!


The stage was set, the lights were shining, and these three local celebs had their opportunity to get on stage and do what they love doing most. Entertain. 

Before they were due to go on stage, we couldn’t help but notice the joyous smiles on the kids’ faces as our mascots stopped to greet the waving fans en-route whilst catching a glimpse of the parents rustling around frantically to grab their phone to catch that perfect picture! (Something any parent can relate to).

Although it wasn’t just the children that wanted that perfect picture with the trio, even students from BU got involved taking selfies! Some students were even asking for kisses before making their merry way back to the re-vamped Alpine Bar. (Pat especially seemed to like that!)


These three really did kick up a nice stir, with the square getting busier and the bar getting full, there was a real 'Friday feeling' atmosphere looming! Everyone was in high spirits and getting ready for the weekend ahead after a long week at work.

With an array of stalls selling great Christmas gifts and winter warming food, there's always something happening on the stage.

Nearby in Bournemouth Gardens are two ice-rinks with warm bars for you to rest after a long days shopping, as well as Santa's Grotto which opens on the 24th November for the first time in three years! Be sure to book your tickets online to see the man himself.

Santa's Grotto Opening Times

24th November - 24th December

  • Monday to Wednesday | 11am -5pm
  • Thursday & Friday | 11am -6pm
  • Saturday & Sunday | 10am - 6pm

Being on stage comes naturally to these three, their presence produced a healthy audience of parents and couples of all ages. It was also great to see young toddlers right at the front of the stage, dancing and waving at their favourite character as if they needed to let off some excess energy.


With Cybil (pictured above) having the time of her life we're pleased to say the performance went off without a hitch.

What a way to start the Christmas countdown, let alone the Weekend.

When they finished, a big cheer and a round of applause greeted them as if to say thank you and they were bombarded with smiling children all wanting to say hello as they walked off stage. A job well done!  

If you missed it, never fear! Cyril, Cybil and Pat will all be back there again doing frequent visits to the Bournemouth Christmas Market all the way up to the 24th December:

Confirmed dates and times

  • Cyril Story and Photos | 11am - 12pm | 25th November 
  • Pat Story and Photos | 6pm - 7pm | 30th November 
  • Christmas show and Photos | 11am - 12pm | 2nd December 
  • Cyril Story and Photos | 6pm - 7pm | 7th December 
  • Pat Story and Photos | 11am-12pm | 9th December 
  • Christmas Show | 11am - 12pm | 10th December 
  • Pat Story and Photos | 6pm -7pm | 14th December
  • Cyril Story and Photos | 11am - 12pm | 17th December
  • Christmas Show | 6pm - 7pm | 21st December

Bournemouth Christmas Market is open daily from 17 November – 4 January and includes an impressive two-storey custom built Alpine Lodge, Santa’s Grotto along with a range of local catering and retail traders. Find out more