Staycations up 12% Against Holidays Abroad

Adventure can happen anywhere and more people are realising that you don’t need to travel far to experience magic. More than two thirds of people are planning their holiday in the UK, that’s up 12% on last year.

There’s always more to choosing where you go on holiday than budget alone and although a staycation is generally going to be cheaper than a holiday overseas, it can also be a lot more enjoyable and convenient. It’s not just cost that’s keeping holidaymakers on home turf – UK staycations are more popular than ever.

Is it Really Just About Brexit?

Every article you read about staycations and the European holiday market points the finger squarely at Brexit – and of course, it’s a factor. Travel aficionados are now taking the idea of a proper staycation seriously, with more than two thirds of people planning their holiday in the UK. That’s up 12% on last year.


But to pin rising interest on staycations on Brexit alone is, we think, doing a disservice to the Great British summer holiday. There are so many more reasons to stay than simply avoiding uncertainty or scrimping and saving. Adventure can happen anywhere; and more people are realising that you don’t need to travel to the depths of a tropical jungle to experience magic.

The Best Reasons to Take a Staycation

A UK staycation has loads of little extra benefits that are easy to overlook.

  • No passports or currency to worry about
  • No flights, luggage limits, airports or transfers
  • Your own car, to come and go as you please
  • Pets can go, too!

You’ll also get a taste of different local foods, straight from the source; like the New Forest’s signature pannage pork and gorgeous Jurassic Coast seafood.


A staycation is less stressful, easier to plan and more convenient than a holiday overseas. You get more of your holiday time to yourself, losing less time to travel – and best of all, your pets can come with you! At Shorefield, we’ve got pet-friendly accommodation at every location, and we’re close to some of the most stunning places in the south.

Beautiful Britain; Our Favourite Beauty Spots

When people think of beautiful parts of the UK, places like the Lake District and the Peak District are the first places to mind. And while they are undoubtedly gorgeous, they aren’t the only beauty spots available to staycationers. The same is true of Dorset, Hampshire and the New Forest. There are countless locations here in the south to satisfy the desire for connection with nature, with all the perks and excitement of a family holiday.

Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door, Dorset


It’s almost unbelievable that a place like Lulworth Cove exists in England – where crystal waters meet a near-perfect amphitheatre of beaches and cliffs. You could easily spend hours just staring out over the water, but if you venture a little further out, you’ll find Durdle Door a short drive away.

This archway in the sea has been carved by nature into one of Dorset’s most photographed coastal features. It’s a site of international geological importance, and a world heritage site since 2001.

Pictures can only do so much to describe these gorgeous Jurassic Coast locations. Being in their presence is the only way to really understand what they’re like. Lulworth Cove is just a 40-minute drive from Swanage Coastal Park, the perfect base for exploring Dorset’s breathtaking coastline.

New Forest National Park, Hampshire

An enchanted forest, in every way. Walking through the New Forest is just about guaranteed to lift your spirits. But which part? After all, the New Forest covers around 220 square miles of Hampshire and Wiltshire.


It’s too hard for us to pick a favourite place – but if we were pressed, Bolderwood would come up as a consistent highlight. It’s easy to get to and serviced with conveniences (including an ice cream van!), but completely in touch with nature. Perhaps the best bit is the deer viewing platform, where lucky visitors might spot the indigenous fallow deer on a quiet day.

There are countless villages in the New Forest, all of which are worth a visit due to their unique charms. There’s Burley – steeped in mysticism and fairytales, and Buckler’s Hard – the historic shipbuilding yard where Nelson’s navy was built. There’s also Beaulieu, with its rich motoring heritage catalogued at the Motor Museum. No matter which way you turn in the New Forest, you’ll find somewhere to explore.

Say Hello to Your Next Staycation Destination

With eight holiday parks in Hampshire and Dorset, Shorefield has a place for everyone. Call 01590 648333 to book your next staycation or visit for great deals on UK holidays!

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